Bigg Boss 7 telugu – Double Elimination Shocks Housemate??

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Double Elimination?

Is Bigg Boss 7 Telugu house going to witness a shocking twist this week with a double elimination, sending two housemates packing amidst a whirlwind of emotions?

After a tense week filled with nominations, tasks, and arguments, everyone thought Rathika and Ashwini Sri will eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.

Rathika, who had initially entered the house as a wild card entry, had made her presence felt with her strong personality and outspoken nature.

However, her confrontational style and involvement in several housemate conflicts placed her in the danger zone.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu

Ashwini Sri, on the other hand, had been a relatively quiet presence in the house, often overshadowed by her more vocal counterparts.

However, her lack of participation and strategic gameplay failed to impress viewers, leading to her elimination.

However, the unpredictable nature of Bigg Boss and the ever-changing dynamics within the house often lead to unexpected outcomes.

Who Will Be Eliminated Next?

With No elimination in Bigg Boss house has become even more intense. The remaining contestants are all strong players, and it is difficult to say who will be eliminated next.

However, based on the current popularity of the contestants, it is likely that either Amardeep, Arjun, or Gautham will be eliminated next week.

These contestants have been in the danger zone for several weeks, and they are not as popular with the public as some of the other contestants.

What’s Next for Bigg Boss Telugu 7?

With the double elimination, the excitement in Bigg Boss is sure to continue. The remaining contestants will have to fight harder than ever to make it to the finale.

In addition to the elimination, there are also a number of other twists and turns that are expected in the coming weeks.

There are rumors that there will be another wild card entry, and there is also the possibility of a double elimination or a triple elimination.

Stay tuned to Bigg Boss Telugu 7 to find out what happens next!

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