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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu

Gautham Krishna is Back !!!

Bigg boss 7 Telugu – Gautham Krishna is showing dots to the house mates in re-entry. Gautham Krishna, who was in the secret room till yesterday, is going to enter the house in today’s episode. But already entered in the live episode.. joined the group of wild card contestants (Potugaallu) and is shaking the group of players. Gautham is taking revenge on those who eliminated him from the house.

Sivaji, Priyanka, Yavar, Shobhashetty, Amardeep, Prashant.. none of them were left out. Talking about Aswarthama 2.0 Gautham.. Gautham hit huge dialogues in Baahubali range.

Gautham Krishna

But Bigg Boss gave super power to Gautham Krishna who came from the secret room. By the time Gautham came into the house.. the process of nominations was completed. A total of eight contestants were nominated.

✦Amar Deep

These eight people are in the nominations. But by giving super to Gautham who entered the house with a wild card entry, one of these eight people can be saved. Or you can additionally nominate another contestant, says Bigg Boss.

So Gautham.. I don’t want to nominate and send someone out of the house.. I know what that pain is like. So.. as if to save one.. Gautham saved Sandeep from the nominations.

Why him??

When asked who is ineligible to stay in the house… except for one Sandeep, everyone else said it was Gautham. Thanks to that, Gautham saved Sandeep Master from the nominations. But according to the calculation.. Sandeep Master is not in the nominations till now.

As he got power astra in the first week itself, he got immunity from these five weeks nominations. So.. they are escaping from the elimination. If Poni wants to be in the nominations even in the sixth week.. Gautham came at the end and gave a twist. He saved Sandeep who went into the nominations.

In fact, out of the five contestants who are new to the house, three contestants are in the nominations. It is not correct to nominate them without seeing how they are playing at least on the first day. Good marks in audience. But.. by saving Sandeep he also used this super power for his own selfishness. Since he was not called undeserving, saving him from the nominations did not seem right. As a whole Sandeep was excluded from the nominations.. Seven contestants stood in the nominations of the sixth week. Let’s see what this list is all about.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 6th Week Nominations List

1. Nayani Pavani
2. Ashwini Sri
3. Pooja Murthy
4. Amar Deep
5. Prince Yavar
6. Tasty Teja
7. Shobha Shetty

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