Bigg Boss 7 Telugu- Pallavi Prashanth captaincy

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu- Pallavi Prasanth

In a recent events within the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu house, contestant Pallavi Prashanth found himself at the center of controversy surrounding his captaincy.

Just days after being earned the first captain of this season, Bigg Boss decided to remind him of his mistakes.

Pallavi Prasanth

This sudden change in leadership had both Prashanth and his supporters seema upset, sheds tears over the lost opportunity.

Recent episode task

In the recent episode Contestants were asked to raise their hands if they believed Prashanth was a good captain.

Arjun, Priyanka, Pooja Murthy, Bhole Shawali, Ashwini Sri, Nayani Pavani, Shobha, Yavar, and Shivaji all expressed their support for Prashanth by raising their hands.

Bigg Boss ultimately held that Prashanth had failed to fulfill his captaincy duties, and in a sudden twist, revoked his captain’s status,

While Prashanth lost the captaincy, but he retained his immunity power.

The latest challenge is to determine who was the fastest among the contestants,

In this task, whenever Bigg Boss called out a color, contestants had to race to find an item of that color within the house.

Instead of actively searching for items, Amar attempted to block his opponents from retrieving them.

At one point, he even tried to take away the coat of his female opponent, despite wearing a similar-colored shirt himself.

This projected negatively on Amar in BB house & infront of audience

In a strength battle between Prince and Arjun, Both contestants showed their physical prowess,

but Arjun’s strategic approach secured his victory in the end.


Bigg Boss 7 Telugu continues to serve up mix of personalities and tasks,

leaving both contestants and viewers eagerly awaiting the next coming episodes..

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