Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Finale Astra Task: A Gripping Battle for Finalist Status

Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu Finale Astra Task: A Gripping Battle for Finalist Status

Bigg Boss Season 7 – Bigg Boss is giving a series of tasks to the house members to get the ticket to the finale and become the top 5 contestants.

Till Last season it was called as Ticket to Finale.. Bigg Boss has changed its name to Finale Astra in this season. Arjun scored his first victory in the first time challenge.

But in this task, Priyanka gave a tough competition to Arjun till the end and played brilliantly. But when the task was about to end in another minute, Priyanka fell down and got hurted slightly.

Arjun, who was in the ring till the end, succeeded in the first task.

As part of the second task, the house members were given the task of ‘collecting flowers’. Pallavi Prashanth won this task.

Prashant collects more flowers than anyone else in this flower collecting task. But since the start of this task, Shobha Shetty has been troubled. She kept crying saying that she should be in the top 5.

But in this flower task, Most of contestants started keeping flowers in t-shirt in usual way. With those who played that task except Shivaji. At the same time, Bigg Boss made the buzzer sound and made Shobha’s greed fall.

But the twist in this task is that Shivaji and Shoba are at least position. But when Bigg Boss said that they can give their flowers to anyone in the house, Sobha and Shivaji gave them to Amar Deep.

Shivaji, who removed the captaincy of Amardeep, again tells Amar that he will help him in the ticket to the finale.

Bigg Boss ordered that both shivaji and shoba should be given to only one person, Shivaji sacrificed his flowers to Amar under forced circumstances.

Shivaji tried to reduce the damage done to him in the captaincy issue by giving these flowers. But Amar, Prashanth and Arjun fought hard in this task.

But Prashant succeeds in this flower task as Arjun and Amar escape before the farmer’s child’s aggression. Prashant collected more than 600 flowers.

As part of third task contestants need to keep the ball in their basket with help of Ring attached to rope, Arjun was successful in his first attempt and scored 100 points. And Priyanka stood last in this task, as bigg Boss informed before task those who stand last they won’t get any points, As a result Priyanka doesn’t had any points in this task.

Bigg Boss Announced the score board after completion of third task. Amardeep stood high in points table. And gautham stood last.

More tasks will be conducted tomorrow and stay tuned for more updates

After completion of three tasks the contestants scorecard remains below

Arjun 180 points

Amar 320 points

Pallavi Prashant 130 points

Yavar 160 points

Priyanka 130 points

Gautham 110 points

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