Bigg Boss Telugu 7 – Week 8 Nominations

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 – Week 8 Nominations

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 has entered its eighth week, and the recent episode saw the elimination of contestant Pooja Murthy.

In today’s episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Day 51, the contestants will be playing a Snake and Ladder game to nominate each other for eviction.

A twist in the game saw Rathika Rose re-entering the house after being previously eliminated.

Her re-entry was determined through voting by the contestants. However, this time, Rathika will not be in the nominations.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7

The nominations for this week have kicked off. Arjun Ambati serves as the captain of the house and is immune from nominations.

Each housemate is required to nominate two fellow contestants and provide reasons for their choices. A photo of the nominated housemate must burned in a fire.

Total 7 contestants in 8th week nominations. Ambati Arjun is safe from nominations as he is captain of the house.

Nominations are direct one need to nominate by burning the photos of their choice.Nominations list is here.

List of 8th Week Nominated Contestants

Bhole Shavali








The punishment is sure to be tough for the contestants, but it is necessary to teach them a lesson.

Overall, today’s episode of Bigg Boss Telugu is sure to be an entertaining one. There is plenty of drama, excitement, and tension in the house.

It’s interesting to see who gets evicted next week.

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