Bigg Boss Telugu – Sivaji eliminated!!

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Sivaji Latest Update

Sivaji was eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 7 on October 15, 2023. He was nominated for elimination along with Nayani Pavani, and received fewer votes from the audience.

Sivaji was a popular contestant on the show, and his elimination came as a shock to many viewers. He was known for his strong personality, his sense of humor, and his loyalty to his friends.

Bigg Boss telugu 7

In the elimination episode, Sivaji spoke about his journey on the show and thanked his fans for their support. He said that he would miss his fellow contestants and the Bigg Boss house, but that he was excited to start the next chapter of his life.

After his elimination, Sivaji has been busy with media interviews and appearances. He has also been interacting with his fans on social media.

Sivaji has not yet announced his future plans, but he has said that he is open to all opportunities. He has also expressed interest in pursuing a career in acting.

Overall, Sivaji’s journey on Bigg Boss Telugu 7 was a positive one. He made a strong impression on the viewers and his fellow contestants. His elimination was a surprise, but he left the show with his head held high.

It is still early days, but it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Sivaji.

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