Hyderabad fuel crisis

Hyderabad faces fuel crisis

Hyderabad faces fuel crisis extremity as petrol and diesel force runs low

Hyderabad fuel crisis – Hyderabad energy extremity The megacity of Hyderabad is passing a severe deficit of petrol and diesel as the force from the refineries has been disintegrated due to specialized issues.

numerous petrol bunks across the megacity have run out of energy or are allowing the available stock.

Long ranges of vehicles can be seen outside the many functioning petrol bunks, as people scramble to fill their tanks.

Hyderabad fuel crisis

The energy extremity has also affected the public transport system, as numerous motorcars, motors and taxicabs have been forced to reduce their services or hike their fares.

The commuters are facing a lot of vexation and difficulty due to the lack of acceptable transport options.

The Telangana Petroleum Dealers Association( TPDA) has criticized the refineries for the deficit, saying that they’ve not been suitable to meet the demand of the megacity.

The TPDA has prompted the state government to intermediate and resolve the issue as soon as possible. The TPDA has also requested the guests to cooperate and avoid fear buying or hoarding of energy.

The state government has assured that the situation will ameliorate in the coming many days, as the refineries are working to restore the normal force of petrol and diesel.

The government has also asked the oil painting companies to increase the allocation of energy to Hyderabad and cover the distribution nearly.

The government has appealed to the public to remain calm and patient and not to believe in any rumours or misinformation.

Maharashtra govt announces stricter penalties for truck motorists involved in megahit and run cases

The Maharashtra government has decided to put harsher corrections on truck motorists who flee the scene of an accident, in a shot to check the rising incidents of megahit and run cases in the state.

According to the new rules, truck motorists who beget death or grievous injury to any person by rash or careless driving and fail to report the accident to the police or give medical backing to the victim will face imprisonment of over to 10 times and a forfeiture of over to Rs 10 lakh.

The former penalty for similar offences was imprisonment of over to 3 times and a forfeiture of over to Rs 5,000.

The new rules will come into effect from February 1, 2024.

The state transport minister said that the decision was taken after reviewing the data on megahit and run cases involving exchanges in the last five times, He said that the state recorded an normal of 2,000 similar cases every time, performing in the loss of lives and livelihoods of numerous innocent people.

He said that the new rules will act as a interference for the truck motorists who show no regard for mortal life and safety and also appealed to the public to report any similar cases to the nearest police station or call the risk-free helpline number.

He said that the government will insure that the victims and their families get justice and compensation.

Truckers demand justice for megahit and run victims in Maharashtra

Hundreds of truck motorists offered a demonstration outside the Maharashtra state assembly on Tuesday, demanding stricter laws and penalties for megahit and run cases involving their vehicles.

The protesters claimed that they’re frequently criticized and wearied by the police and the public for accidents that aren’t their fault, and that the victims and their families are denied proper compensation and justice.

They prompted the state government to legislate a comprehensive legislation that would cover the rights and interests of both the truck motorists and the megahit and run victims.

The demonstration was organized by the All India Motor Transport Congress( AIMTC), a public body representing the road transport sector.

The AIMTC said that it’ll continue its agitation until the state government addresses their grievances and ensures a fair and transparent system for dealing with megahit and run cases.

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