Naa Saami ranga review -A Sankranthi treat for Nagarjuna Fans

Naa Sami ranga -A Sankranthi treat for Nagarjuna Fans

Naa Saami ranga review – Naa Saami ranga, directed by Vijay Binni, is a remake of the Malayalam hit Porinju Mariam Jose, starring Nagarjuna Akkineni, Ashika Ranganath, Allari Naresh, and Raj Tarun in the supereminent places.

The film is set in a vill in the 1980s and revolves around the fellowship, love, and contest of the main characters. The film released on January 14, 2024, as a Sankranthi gift for the followership.


This film follows the lives of Kistaiah( Nagarjuna), a pious and stalwart man who admires Peddayya( Nasser), the village head Anji( Naresh), his stylish friend and mate in crime; Varaalu( Ashika), the love of Kistaiah’s life; and Baski( Raj Tarun), a youthful nut who joins their gang.

The film depicts their bond, their struggles, and their conflicts with Peddayya’s sons, who are greedy and ruthless. The film also explores the themes of fellowship, fidelity, vengeance, and justice.

Naa Saami ranga review


Naa Sami ranga is a well- made adaption of the original film, with some changes to suit the Telugu sensibilities and Nagarjuna’s star power.

The film has a good balance of action, comedy, and drama, and keeps the followership engaged throughout.

It has a gleeful vibe and a nostalgic sense, as it captures the substance of the pastoral life and the 1980s period.

This film also has a strong emotional core, as it showcases the depth of the connections and the offerings of the characters.

The film’s biggest strength is Nagarjuna, who delivers a astral performance as Kistaiah. He looks youthful and energetic, and carries the film on his shoulders.

He brings charm and intensity to his part, and makes the followership root for him.

Ashika Ranganath is a disclosure as Varaalu, who has a binary shade in her character.

She looks beautiful and acts well, and shares a good chemistry with Nagarjuna. Allari Naresh is another highlight of the film, as he plays the part of Anji with ease and faculty.

He provides ridiculous relief and also emotional support to Nagarjuna. Raj Tarun is decent as Baski, but his part isn’t veritably significant.

The film’s director, Vijay Binni, deserves credit for handling the remake with care and skill.

He has retained the soul of the original film, while adding some rudiments to suit the Telugu followership.

He has also uprooted good performances from the cast, and maintained a good pace in the history, The film’s music, composed by MM Keeravani, is a mixed bag.

Naa Saami ranga review

The songs are catchy and suit the mood of the film, but they aren’t veritably memorable. The background score is effective and elevates the scenes.

The cinematography, by Shivendra Dasaradhi, is emotional and captures the rustic beauty of the vill. The editing, by Chota K Prasad, is crisp and smooth.

The product design, by DY Satyanarayana, is authentic and realistic. The action sequences, arranged by Ram Laxman, Venkat, and Prudhvi, are well- executed and thrilling.

The film’s sins are its pungency and lack of novelty.

It doesn’t offer anything new or surprising, as it follows the template of a typical pastoral drama.

The film also has some clichés and conceptions, similar as the unlawful sons of the vill head, the loose police, and the helpless townies.

It lacks comedy, which is a chief of Sankranthi flicks.

The film could have used further humor and fun, especially in the alternate half, which becomes serious and violent.


Naa Sami ranga is a wholesome imitator that has the perfect balance of action, comedy, and drama.

It is a treat for Nagarjuna fans, who’ll enjoy his attractive and important performance.

Film is also a good watch for the family followership, who’ll appreciate the emotional and gleeful rudiments.

This film isn’t a perfect jubilee dish, but it’s a satisfying one.

Standing 3.5/ 5

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