Saindhav Review – A Thrilling High-Octane Ride with Strong Performances

Saindhav: A Gripping Tale of Crime and Emotion

Saindhav Review – Saindhav is a 2024 Telugu action suspenser film written and directed by Sailesh Kolanu and produced by Venkat Boyanapalli, under Niharika Entertainment.

It stars Venkatesh Daggubati in the supereminent part alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Arya, Andrea Jeremiah, Shraddha Srinath, Baby Sara and Ruhani Sharma in vital places.

The film was released in theatres worldwide on 13 January 2024, coinciding with Makar Sankranti.


The film is set in Chandraprastha, a fictional city in South India, where a crime syndicate called Cartel holds sway over the people and the authorities. Saindhav Koneru, alias Saiko( Venkatesh), is a former member of the Cartel who has left his dark history before and is leading a quiet life as a crane driver with his son Gayathri( Saara) and his neighbour Manogya( Shraddha).

Saindhav Review

Still, his life takes a dramatic turn when Gayathri is diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy( SMA) and requires an injection of Zolgensma, which costs ₹ 17 crores.

Saikore-enters the world of crime to save his son and soon embarks on an violent battle against his once rivals, his biggest challenge being Vikas Malik( Nawazuddin), a ruthless gangbanger who wants to exclude Saiko and take over the Cartel.


The film explores the themes of father- son bond, redemption, vengeance, fidelity, and corruption.

The film shows how Saiko’s love for his son motivates him to do anything to save her, indeed if it means risking his own life and breaking the law.

This film also depicts how Saiko’s once hangouts him and how he tries to atone for his sins by helping the people of Chandraprastha.

It also portrays how Vikas Malik’s rapacity and ambition drive him to commit heinous crimes and how he manipulates the system to his advantage.

Film also highlights how the Cartel affects the lives of the common people and how they struggle to survive in a lawless and violent terrain.

Character Development

The film has a strong character development for the promoter, Saiko, who undergoes a metamorphosis from a peaceful and caring father to a fierce and intrepid fighter.

It shows how Saiko’s character is shaped by his once gests and how he evolves as a person throughout the film, also showcases the discrepancy between Saiko and Vikas Malik, who are both former associates of the Cartel but have different personalities and pretensions.

The film also gives a regard into the lives of the other characters, similar as Manas( Arya), a pious friend of Saiko who helps him in his charge, Jasmine( Andrea), a intelligencer who exposes the Cartel’s conditioning, Dr. Renu( Ruhani), a croaker who treats Gayathri, and Murthy( Jisshu), a customs officer who’s involved in the Cartel’s operations.

Overall Impact

The film has a high overall impact on the followership, as it delivers a thrilling and emotional story with a lot of action and drama.

This film keeps the followership engaged and invested in the fate of the characters, as it has a lot of twists and turns and a apocalyptic showdown.

The film also has a social communication, as it raises mindfulness about the rare complaint SMA and the need for affordable and accessible healthcare, also makes a statement about the state of law and order in the country and the need for justice and reform.

Saindhav Review

Director’s Style

The film is directed by Sailesh Kolanu, who’s known for the megahit series. The director has a distinctive style of liar, as he blends literalism and stylization in his flicks.

The director uses a lot of handheld camera shots, fast cuts, and slow- stir sequences to produce a dynamic and immersive visual experience.

He also uses a lot of symbolism and conceits to convey the themes and feelings of the film. The director also pays attention to the details and the nuances of the film, similar as the costumes, the locales, the props, and the background score.


The film has a astral cast of actors who deliver engaging performances in their separate places. Venkatesh Daggubati shines as Saiko, as he portrays a complex and layered character with a lot of intensity and seductiveness.

He shows his versatility as an actor, as he switches between the places of a loving father, a ruthless miscreant, and a apologetic wrongdoer.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui impresses as Vikas Malik, as he plays a menacing and cunning villain with a lot of faculty and finesse.

He brings a lot of depth and nuance to his character, as he shows his vulnerability and his madness.

Arya, Andrea Jeremiah, Shraddha Srinath, Ruhani Sharma, and Jisshu Sengupta also deliver estimable performances in their supporting places, as they add value and substance to the film.

Specialized Aspects

The film has a high product value, as it has a lot of specialized aspects that enhance the quality and the appeal of the film.

Saindhav has brilliant cinematography byS. Manikandan, who captures the mood and the atmosphere of the film with his camera angles and lighting.

The film has a crisp editing by Garry BH, who maintains the pace and the inflow of the film with his cuts and transitions.

It also has a witching music by Santhosh Narayanan, who creates a befitting and varied soundtrack for the film with his songs and background score.

This film also has a realistic and effective sound design by Sync Cinema, who produce a lot of impact and pressure with their sound goods and mixing, has a spectacular action choreography by Anbariv, who design a lot of thrilling and realistic fight sequences for the film.


The film has a lot of strengths, similar as the engaging and emotional plot, the strong character development, the engaging performances, the distinctive director’s style, and the high specialized aspects.

The film also has a many sins, similar as the slow and predictable first half, the lack of depth and originality in some of the plots, the inordinate violence and spear, and the abrupt and inconclusive ending.


Saindhav is a film that’s worth watching for the suckers of action suspensers and for the sweeties of Venkatesh and Nawazuddin.

The film is a gripping tale of crime and emotion that has a lot of entertainment and substance.

The film is a good choice for the gleeful season, as it offers a lot of excitement and satisfaction to the followership. still, the film isn’t suitable for the faint- hearted and the children, as it has a lot of violence and bloodshed.

The film is also not recommended for the observers who are looking for a fresh and innovative story, as it has a lot of clichés and homilies.

The film is a one- time watch that can be enjoyed for its action and drama.

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