Vizag photographer sai – Missing Lensman Found Murdered

Vizag Photographer Sai Kumar Murdered: A Dream Cut Short

Missing Lensman Found Murdered: 2 Held

Visakhapatnam, March 4, 2024

Vizag photographer sai – In a chilling turn of events, a Vizag-based photographer, Pothina Sai Vijay Pawan Kalyan Kumar, was found brutally murdered near Jonnada in Alamuru mandal of Konaseema district.

The 23-year-old lensman had mysteriously disappeared after embarking on a photography assignment in Ravulapalem, Dr BR Ambedkar Konaseema district.

Vizag photographer sai

The investigation revealed a sinister plot: the motive behind the murder was to steal the victim’s high-end photography equipment, which included a valuable camera and lens worth over 15 lakh.

The perpetrators, Shanmukha Teja (19) and his accomplice Raju, lured Sai Kumar into their trap under the guise of a lucrative photography event in Ravulapalem.

Shanmukha Teja, who had befriended Sai on Instagram, was well aware of the photographer’s prized gear.

He cunningly manipulated Sai into believing that the Ravulapalem event would yield substantial profits. Trusting his newfound acquaintance, Sai Kumar set out on February 26, carrying his expensive equipment.

However, the journey took a dark turn when Shanmukha and Raju intercepted Sai in Rajahmundry.

They coerced him into their car and drove him to Vemagiri, where they committed the heinous act. Sai Kumar’s parents, alarmed by his sudden disappearance, filed a missing complaint with the PM Palem police in Vizag city on February 29.

The police swiftly swung into action, scanning call data records and collaborating with the Alamuru police. Their joint efforts led to the arrest of Shanmukha Teja and Raju.

The investigation unveiled a grim truth: Sai was murdered on February 26, and his lifeless body was buried near Jonnada.

On Sunday, the police exhumed the victim’s remains, and a team of medical experts conducted an autopsy at the site.

Vizag photographer sai

The shocking incident has sent shockwaves through the photography community, highlighting the risks faced by professionals in pursuit of their passion.

As the investigation continues, authorities are determined to bring justice to Sai Kumar and ensure that his tragic fate serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking beneath seemingly innocuous assignments.

The swift apprehension of the perpetrators was a result of diligent police work and collaborative efforts.

Here’s how they managed to bring the culprits to justice:

1. Digital Trail : The police traced Shanmukha Teja’s connection to the victim, Sai Kumar, through their Instagram interactions. Teja had befriended Sai on the platform, gaining insight into the photographer’s valuable equipment.

2. Call Data Records: By analyzing call data records, the investigators pinpointed the last known location of Sai Kumar. This led them to Rajahmundry, where the perpetrators had intercepted him.

3. Collaboration: The PM Palem police in Vizag city worked closely with the Alamuru police in Konaseema district. Their joint efforts ensured a coordinated search operation.

4. Arrest: Acting swiftly, the police apprehended Shanmukha Teja and Raju. Their confessions revealed the gruesome details of Sai Kumar’s murder.

5. Exhumation and Autopsy: On Sunday, the police exhumed Sai Kumar’s remains near Jonnada. A team of medical experts conducted an autopsy, confirming the cause of death.

Vizag photographer sai


The tragic fate of Sai Kumar serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by professionals in pursuit of their passion. Authorities remain committed to ensuring justice and preventing such heinous acts in the future.

The investigation into the tragic murder of photographer Sai Kumar led to a grim discovery.

His lifeless body was found buried near Jonnada in Alamuru mandal of Konaseema district.

Here’s how the authorities managed to locate his remains:

1. Exhumation: With the support of the Revenue department officials, the police exhumed Sai Kumar’s body on Sunday, The burial site was meticulously identified and excavated.

2. Autopsy: A team of medical experts conducted an autopsy on the spot where the body was found. This procedure helped determine the cause of death and gather crucial evidence.

3. Seizure of Evidence : The police seized the photography equipment from the residence of Shanmukh Teja, one of the perpetrators. This equipment was the motive behind the murder, as it was valued at over Rs 15 lakh.

Vizag City Police Chief, Dr. A. Ravi Shankar confirmed the arrest of two individuals in connection with Sai Kumar’s murder. The tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by professionals in their pursuit of passion.

Shanmukha Teja, a 19-year-old photographer hailing from Ravulapalem in the Konaseema district, has been thrust into the spotlight for his alleged involvement in a heinous crime.

On February 26 Sai embarked on a bus journey to Rajamahendravaram, where Teja and an accomplice awaited him with a car.

The unsuspecting Sai soon found himself in a life-and-death struggle. Teja and his partner allegedly strangled Sai with a leather belt inside the car, intent on seizing the coveted cameras. The perpetrators then buried Sai’s lifeless body.

Sai’s mother Ramanamma grew suspicious when her son failed to return home. After receiving a picture of the car’s rear view, Sai’s frantic call raised alarm bells. His mobile phone remained switched off, prompting Ramanamma to file a missing complaint with the PM Palem Police Station.

The police swiftly pieced together crucial information, leading them to identify Shanmukha Teja as the prime suspect.

Teja’s parents revealed that he had locked the cameras in a room. The investigation intensified, and Teja was eventually traced through his girlfriend in the Kancharapalem area of the city. In custody, Teja confessed to the crime.

Sai Kumar’s tragic fate serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by professionals pursuing their passions, even in seemingly innocuous assignments.

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